Mystic Marley brings Energy to music

March 31, 2023
Mystic Marley
Mystic Marley

Mystic Marley, daughter of Grammy award-winning entertainer Stephen Marley and granddaughter of the late king of reggae, Bob Marley, is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and innovative artistes of her generation.

The youthful, yet mature in thoughts and sound Mystic is set to release a single titled Energy, a melodic and innovative track that showcases her ability to blend different musical genres to create something truly unique.

The song explores the aftermath of a breakup and the way that energy can linger between two people long after the relationship has ended.

Through her lyrics, Mystic encourages listeners to let go of any negative energy and move on from past relationships.

"Energetic exchange is almost a form of currency. How we connect or disconnect is through our energy. It's sacred in that sense. This song is talking about the energy between a man and a woman, and she's reminding him like 'Yo, I dig you, but don't mess around because me a watch and me a see wah gwaan'," Mystic said.

The young Marley's sultry, distinctive tone on Energy is a signature sound that allows her to connect with listeners on a soulful level.

Known for her sense of curious maturity on themes of love, loss and personal victory, Mystic's sound may seem a little different from the expected lineage and distinctive roots chants we expect. In fact, Mystic is a dynamic artiste who defies categorisation. As an offspring of a legendary musical family, she has inherited a rich legacy of cultural and artistic significance. However, she is determined to forge her own path and create a unique sound and persona that reflects her individuality. Her music draws on a wide range of influences, including reggae, hip hop, soul, R&B, pop and more.

Fully aware of the responsibility that comes with being part of such a renowned musical lineage, she is determined to honour that legacy while also pushing the boundaries and exploring new creative frontiers.

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