QQ completes associate degree

June 06, 2023

Driven by his desire to help persons who do not have immediate access to justice and immigration advice, among other legal matters, dancehall artiste QQ now has an associate of science degree in liberal arts from Canton University in New York.

"Having an associate is the start for me helping people. It's the start of the journey to getting the bachelor's and possibly going on to law school. By getting the necessary qualifications puts me in a better position to be able to do that when the time comes," he shared.

He admitted that he returned to the classroom in 2020 because he was bored during the pandemic. It turned out to be a satisfactory venture as he completed the programme last year.

"I also have a desire of wanting to be able to help persons hence the full programme is a bachelor in legal studies. However, I signed up initially for the two-year associate," he said.

"Thankfully, the pandemic made it easy as there were no live shows and studios were not as easily accessible as before, or now, so it was easy. The real challenge was after the reopening where I had to truly manage my time well and add some structure to my life and schedule," he said.

After being away from the classroom for more than a decade, QQ said he was not sure how he would reintegrate into school, but said it was without hiccups.

"It was rather smooth. I thought it would have been difficult ... however I transitioned well, and I enjoyed the time in the classroom," he said.

"I do have plans to further my studies as I've indicated the programme is a bachelor programme and as such, I wish to continue hopefully this fall," he added.

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