St. Ann’s Bay Hospital staff out sick amid COVID wave

January 11, 2022
The St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital in St Ann - File photo.

The St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital in St Ann is advising that over 40 of its healthcare workers are out sick due to COVID-19.

Further, the hospital is also seeing an increase in COVID-19 admissions since December.

“Essentially, we're seeing the effects of the fourth wave. The numbers are increasing exponentially,” stated Dr Tanya Hamilton-Johnson, senior medical officer at the hospital.

“We used to have 20 inpatients per day in December, now we're seeing 40, so all our designated isolation wards are full,” Hamilton-Johnson said.

She warned that the situation will worsen if persons continue to flout the prevention protocols as well as fail to get vaccinated.

“Our healthcare workers are overwhelmed, and in terms of it affecting our healthcare workers, we have over 40 healthcare workers out and it is going up daily,” Hamilton-Johnson.

She said the situation is made worse by a rise in victims of motor vehicle crashes.

“While we have the increase in numbers in patients being admitted with COVID-19, we're having an increase in trauma from motor vehicle accidents. So, we're having two sets of increasing numbers,” Hamilton-Johnson lamented. 

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