Coloured eyelashes brightening up faces

May 24, 2022
A stylist adds red eyelash extensions for a customer.
A stylist adds red eyelash extensions for a customer.
Coloured lashes done by Tev’ye Thompson of Lavish Lashes.
Coloured lashes done by Tev’ye Thompson of Lavish Lashes.
More of Thompson’s work.
More of Thompson’s work.

Like so many other things in the past few years, eyelash extensions seem to have got far larger and more colourful.

But one lash stylist on Princess Street in downtown Kingston says embracing colourful eyelash extensions is not a new phenomenon.

"No, man! People a come and dem come out on dem lash dem, blue lash, yellow lash, rainbow looking, and so forth," said Kaysha. "Di same people dem weh make the regular lash dem, a dem make the coloured lash dem. A just style. People put on the regular one dem and put a likkle streak a colour, and it look so cute pon dem."

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibres that are glued to your natural lashes to enhance the length, curl, and fullness. Traditionally, these extensions were always black, but like so many other cosmetic treatments in recent times, the girls love colour.

Local lash stylist and owner of Lavish Lashes in Manor Park, St Andrew, Tev'ye Thompson, agreed with Kaysha that the style choice has always been around.

"It's not really a trend, to be honest. It's just something people do to be eccentric. For the most part, most of my clients are corporate, so they would have their lashes done more subtly. So this is really just to show individuality and your personality or if you have an occasion, you spice up your thing a bit," said Thompson. "The colours that they would normally use are between blue and purple because it blends with the black, and it's only visible when the light hits it. However, there's a few clients that would use a little bit more colour, some read or some yellow."

While not new, local celebrities like Stalk Ashley embracing coloured lashes have brought the style into the mainstream.

"Wull heap a people come. You have nurse, you have doctor, you have lawyer, but dem nuh wear dem uniform ,and so forth. When dem a go dem place, dem come fix up demself nice, and so forth. Di lash dem look nice pon dem. Worse, all di black pretty one dem. When dem put on di colour lash, dem look so cute," said Kaysha.

Thompson said: "Depending on the time of the year, you would see it happening more often. Carnival coming up, so of course you would see more persons dabbling. Persons have even used rhinestones on their lashes."

But not everyone is embracing the coloured-lash look. While walking on Princess Street, some stylists said they would not be part of it.

"Me nuh know nothing bout that. Mi nuh mix up inna clown thing," one stylist said, showing off her extra-long black eyelashes. But Kaysha rebutted this, saying that not everyone can bring off the style.

"A nuh clown thing, enuh, fom once you have di face fi bring off di looks. Memba seh a you make things looks good. A nuh things make you look good ,and a you bring it off. So when you put it on pon dem, whether dem black or dem brown, dem look so cute with it," she said.

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