Another woman may be pregnant by my husband

September 10, 2021

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I continue to read your column. I really enjoy your answers and I say to you keep up your good work. I have learned a lot from you. I am a mother of two. I got pregnant three times but I lost one of the babies.

My husband is a farmer so we always have food. But things are very tight at times. I do some buying and selling and sometimes I would leave home and go to Kingston to sell, but people are complaining that the things are too expensive. I have good customers so I can't complain too much. I am satisfied with what little I make. My husband tried his best. I have challenges.

There is this young girl who has my husband's name all over the place. When I heard it I believed her because my husband loves young girls, but her story was not straight. So one day I called her and I told her to leave my husband alone and go and find the man who got her pregnant. Many guys in the community know about her because she was flashing her things everywhere.

My husband told me that I should not pay her any mind. I told my husband that if he knows that he is the one who got her pregnant he should give her money and support the baby. He said there is no way she is going to get his money because he did not go to her. Then he said he only went to her once and he is sorry about that. But she claims that she is six months pregnant and he said that he touched her last year, so he really cannot be the father. He also said he used a condom and he also pulled out so he did not discharge in her. If he used a condom and still pulled out and didn't discharge in her, he could not have got her pregnant.

When he admitted that he went to her, I slapped him and he never said a word. I don't believe in hitting a man but that evening I was so mad at him. But I don't believe the child is his. I don't know why my husband went to that young girl and he can't give me any good reason either. I would not want to know that when that child is born he or she resembles my husband or our children.

For three weeks I turned my back on my husband after he admitted that he had sex with that girl. He was there rubbing up himself on me but I wasn't paying him any mind. How should I deal with this man? Please answer me.


Dear K.P.,

You husband eventually told you that he went to this girl. He is very careless. The fact that he went to her has caused her to call his name and say that she is carrying his child. But you are a woman and listening to him and counting from the time he had sex with this girl, she should have had the baby already. So she might not be speaking the truth. You should try and avoid beating your husband.

A man should not hit his wife, neither should his wife hit him. But you did so because you were upset with him and annoyed and disappointed. If you have doubts whether your husband is speaking the truth, after the child is born, try and get him to do a DNA test, and that should bring an end to the controversy.


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