This guy tricked me into having sex

September 20, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 17-year-old girl and I have been reading your column from I was in primary school. My grandmother used to bring home THE STAR every evening and at nights she used to read your column to my grandfather because my grandfather could not read well. I used to listen to the stories and then I would discuss them with my friends. When I started to attend high school, my friends always used to talk about your column. My grandmother used to warn me not to get involved with guys but, when I was 15 years old, I liked a fellow who was at my school. I got to find out that another girl liked him too so the girl and I got into a fight over him and we had to face the principal. The guy told the principal that he did not like either of us and that we were the ones fighting over him. The principal asked us if we were not ashamed and I told her that I was ashamed. The other girl said that she was not ashamed because she knew that the guy loved her. That very evening after school the guy sent me a message asking me to meet him. I did not go, but, before the week was out, we met and he told me that he had to say what he said to the principal but he was lying. This guy and I are still friends and he took my virginity. I feel ashamed because he told another guy that he also took the other girl's virginity. He is always telling me to do well in school because I am going to be his wife. Do you think I should believe him?


Dear V.D.,

I don't want you to condemn yourself. Young people make mistakes all the time. Some guys like the idea of girls fighting over them. You made a mistake by giving up yourself to him but you believed that he loved you more than the other girl and that is why you had sex with him. You did not think he would have sex with the other girl. I hope that you have learned a very important lesson. Don't trust these guys who tell you that you are special. They only want one thing and that is what you have between your legs. Study hard and get a good education so that you will be able to support yourself and help your grandmother. I wish you well.


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