Babyfather accused me of sleeping with his brother

October 21, 2021

Dear Pastor,

My child's father and I are no longer together. I am only 22 and I do not know what to do. When I became pregnant he said that this child was not his.

He even accused me of having a relationship with his brother. He told me that I should tell his brother that I was pregnant for him. His brother and I got along very well, but we never had a sexual relationship. I asked him why he was accusing me of going with his brother. He said that to his knowledge, his brother didn't have children, so he would be glad to have the one I was carrying. His brother has never even kissed me. I told the other brother that his brother said that I should give him the child and he was very upset. He said that if his brother is a dog, he is not a dog because he will never have sex with his brother's woman; only dogs will do such a thing.

When the child was born, I registered the child in my maiden name. Now the father is coming around and begging me to change that. He even talked to my father about it. My father cursed him and told him to get out of his face. The child resembles him, and his relatives are telling him that she looks like them, so he should own his child.

I am considering to re-register the child, so that his name could be on the birth certificate. But I told him that he has to start supporting the child first, and he promised that he will.

Do you think I should put his name on the birth certificate? Please answer my letter.


Dear V.R.,

Your child's father knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to embarrass you when you got pregnant. He knew that you were not having a sexual relationship with his brother, but he didn't care. He showed that he was irresponsible and wicked. Now that he has come to his senses and is willing to support his daughter, you can agree to do a new registration. I hope that he will treat his daughter well, and ask you to forgive him for his wicked behaviour. I wish you well.


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