Small ‘tool’ man kept watching me

March 31, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I would like to hear how you feel about this matter. I had a boyfriend and we were living together. When we started out, life could not have been better.

But then he started watching me. He used to come to the parlour and sit and wait on me. I told him to go home and cook, so that when I came home I would have something to eat. But instead, he used to leave and come back for me. When taking me home, he used to stop and buy dry food or chicken and chips. I got so tired of eating chicken and chips. I have put on a lot of weight.

I asked him whether or not he trusted me. He said he did not trust any woman, because the woman he trusted had sex with his brother, and his brother talked about it. From the day he said that to me, I started to make plans to leave him because I could not deal with a man who didn't trust me. I asked him why his brother had sex with his previous woman. He said his brother made more money than he did and his ex-girlfriend was a gold-digger, so he could not trust any woman.

From the time this man told me that he could not trust any woman, my mind was changed from him. I did not like him any more. His previous woman denied having sex with his brother. She said that she left him not for his brother, but for another man because he had a very small 'tool' and she could not deal with it. I felt very embarrassed when the other women at the parlour mocked me and told me that my man was watching me. So I broke up with him, and now he is saying that I did so because I am a bad woman.


Dear G.,

This man talked too much. He should learn to keep his mouth shut. Only a foolish man believes that he can watch a woman. If a woman wants to cheat on a man, she can do so even with his eyes wide open. Intelligent men shouldn't worry about a woman cheating on him if he treats her well. Sometimes when women walk out on men, these men are so ashamed that they have to come up with different reasons to tell their friends about why the women left.

This man says that he doesn't trust women; that is enough for any woman to leave him.


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