Babyfather tried to sleep with my sister

September 19, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a 23-year-old woman and I am planning to graduate from university in 2024.

My boyfriend is 37 and we have been living together. We have a one-year-old child. He stays with my mother. This is the only grandchild for my mother. She has spoiled him. She takes him everywhere. If one doesn't know, they would think that she is the mother, because my mother doesn't look her age. Her boyfriend is not even 50.

I have a sister who is living abroad. She came to Jamaica and was staying with my mother, then she visited us and I convinced her to spend the weekend with us. She came in on the Friday and by Saturday afternoon she wanted to leave. I asked her what was the hurry and she said she could not deal with my boyfriend because he slapped her twice on her buttocks while she was passing him. She warned him the first time he did it, but he did it again and told her he loved to see her walk because her buttocks rolled. He wanted to know whether it was real or false.

I asked my boyfriend what he had to say and he said he was only joking. But my sister did not take that for a joke, so she left early Sunday morning. But before she left, she told me that my boyfriend is a dog because he 'put question' to her. She does not want him because he cannot walk in her boyfriend's shoes.

I am so embarrassed. I apologised to my sister. I told her I believed every word that she said about him, because he had made passes at some of my female friends. I don't know what this man is looking for, because I have done everything to satisfy him. We started to have sex when I was 18 and he taught me how to do '69', so I don't know what more this man wants from a woman. He really has let me down by trying to have an affair with my sister. I don't blame my sister for cursing him out. I hate to think that he would stoop so low as to try to have sex with my sister in our home. This man has been very good to me, but he cannot control his sexual appetite. What should I do?


Dear O.S.,

I am glad that your sister informed you that your boyfriend had made a pass at her. He has no shame.

What he told you about what occurred between him and your sister was a lie. Evidently, your sister is very attractive, and he behaved as if all women are the same, and that they are easy to capture. Your sister has high standards. She is not trash. She is not looking for a man; and if she wanted a man, she wouldn't come to your house and try to take away yours.

Your boyfriend has acted as a fool. He said when he felt your sister's bottom, he was trying to determine whether she had surgery. But whether she did or not, he doesn't have to know that. He is such an idiot that he is not thinking of what he is saying. The man needs help, so you should seriously talk to him about meeting with a family counsellor or psychologist. You should attend the sessions with him. You have given him lots of sex, but when a man is a sex addict, giving him more sex is not the answer.

Before I go let me say this to you, take care of yourself and the baby. Do not allow yourself to become pregnant with a second child unless this man has decided to undergo therapy. He has to learn how to respect you and members of your family, including your mother. Shame on him. Let me hear from you again.


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